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Best Ragdolls


Ragdoll cats and kittens for sale from reputable breeders in CA.  Working with Ragdoll breeders around the world to provide healthy and loving Ragdoll kittens.

Please go to our FACEBOOK page to see some pictures of our Ragdolls.  The pictures can help you see what the kittens will look like when they are adults.  There is a nice variety of colors and patterns from all the California Best Ragdoll Breeders.

Northern California Ragdoll Breeders


Carol Jaquez - AdorableDolls
Mary Riddell - Fur-Real Ragdolls
415-586-1970 or 209-763-5351
Patti Reins - RiverCity Rags
Mary Ann Blasso -FinerPoint Ragdolls
Karen Walsh - 5 Star Rags 

Central California Rag-doll Breeders

Marilyn Barsaleau - Barsadolls Ragdolls 

Southern California Ragdoll Breeders

Roxann Vass - Creekcats Ragdoll 760-761-0761
Cheryl Diaz - Ruby Ridge Rags
Connie Walter - Sweetheaven Ragdolls 760-505-6489 
Heather Sands - Snugglerags 310-804-4967 

There are important facts you need to know before you choose the breeder of your new Ragdoll.


Be careful of websites that advertise kittens "ON SALE" or offer "RARE" Ragdolls. Accepted and recognized Ragdolls in Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) MUST be blue eyed colorpoint cats (with or without white). Mink colors with aqua eyes are NOT accepted or recognized. Solid colors with green or gold eyes are NOT accepted or recognized. Review the Ragdoll Breed Standard in CFA or TICA 


To provide the public with quality Ragdoll kittens. What to expect from a CALIFORNIA BEST RAGDOLL breeder:

  • Early Spay and Neuter to insure your kitten is altered safely and correctly before they leave the breeder. There are many benefits to this practice.

  • Early Socialization : kittens are not released to new homes until at least 11 weeks.

  • Purchase Agreement that covers health guarantee and includes kitten instructions

  • Litter Registration in TICA and/or CFA and blue slip(s) provided with kitten

  • HCM DNA tested negative breeding cats

  • Age appropriate vaccines

The peace of mind you will get when purchasing a spayed/neutered, vaccinated, quality kitten from a reputable breeder is priceless!!

Often the cost is LESS than what you would pay to a pet store or backyard breeder!


Our BEST RAGDOLL BREEDERS IN CALIFORNIA belong to many Ragdoll Breed clubs in several associations including:

  • RFW - Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide
  • RAG - Ragdolls of America Group
  • RBC - Ragdoll Breeders Club


We are professional Ragdoll breeders that are passionate about all aspects of breeding and showing winning Ragdolls in TICA and/or CFA.  We are the best of the best and we produce international and regional winning Ragdolls, as well as loving pets.  We place Ragdolls with families and continue to be a valuable resource for our kitten families for all things concerning Ragdolls.

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IW SGC Furreal Cliffs Pride and Joy IW SGC Palacedolls Atticus of Snugglerags

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